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Hello All

Please excuse me if I use the wrong terms, but I am considering buying a Canon 20D, after using a friends D70 last year.

I will mainly be doing product shots, for catalogue work, but also as a hobby interest NASCAR type shots (ala ASCAR in the UK).

The D70 used to have a DOF preview button, does the 20D have this?

You could also select just one of the focal points by scrolling, and this was shown in the viewfinder as to which area of the frame you were focusing on, again does the 20D offer this?

I also read some concerns by others about tracking objects and the focus switches to the background. I used the D70 at an ASCAR race meeting and i tracked and focused flawlessly. Does anyone have anything to add on how to use this type of focus on the 20D and/or if the problem has been solved?

Thanks in advance.
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The 20D has DOF preview, 9 autofocus points that are selectable (viewed in the viewfinder). Can't comment on the A1 Servo mode since I don't use it.

The D70 is supposed to be a nice camera, but I have heard some negative comments regarding noise at higher ISO. Also, I'm not sure if it competes with the 20D (a prosumer camera) or the Digital Rebel (a consumer camera). Someone that is more familiar with the D70 may be able to comment.

Also, I would really recommend purchasing a camera based on the lenses available rather than the body. You will likely replace the camera body (yes, even a $1500 one)just as you would a PC ... but your lens collection will survive for years. Get good glass ... it's way more important than your choice of body.

Read some lens reviews before purchasing also ... 'cause some of the "kit" lenses are pretty poor. In other words, why spend $1500 on a camera to take poor quality pictures ... it would be better to buy a $1000 body and spend the difference on a better lens.


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It does all those things you ask.

As to tracking of moving things. If you are close enough to the cars that they are fairly big, you should be fine with focus tracking. The popular guess is that the AI Servo problems are caused by the AF points being smaller on the 20D than the 10D. So people used to the 20D try to track the moving subject but don't keep the AF point on it as well as they need to... because they are used to the larger AF point size.

If the cameras are basically equal (which other than higher ISO noise I think the 20D and the D70 are basically equal) DEFINITELY choice by the lense. They will last much longer than the camera body. So buying good lenses is an investment in time.

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Thanks for you comments.

I am steering towards the 20D more, but I still have a urge to hear more about the D70 and Olympus E300.

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D70 no doubt
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As Eric S said, pick your poison by selecting which lens system you want to buy into. The camera bodies come and go daily. Right now the 20D is new, while the D70 is last years tech and I'd expect it to be replaced withina year or so.
If you are currently lens free, the Minolta 7d has a lot going for it too :-)

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I might suggest you download the user manual for each camera you're interested in and look at the features in depth. Some features, while present, might me hard to access.

Once you have narrowed the selection, go to a camera or electronics store (take a card) and shoot some pictures. Take the card home and compare the output. The "feel" of the camera is important, but remember the way the camera feels and performsis strongly dependent on the installed lens, as does the quality of the pictures and how the camera focuses.

I second the suggestion that lenses are the key and that switching manufacturers later can be very costly. Any investment in lenses carries over to the next body as long when you upgrade. The only exception in the Canon line is the EF-S lenses that currently only fit the 1.6 crop (300D and 20D) camera bodies.
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I also was stuck between 20D and D70 and I went for the D70 because I got a great price for the kit.
I don't regret it.
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