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[align=left]Stacie the disc's that Ronnie was talking about are very high quality. I don't have any of them yet but I did pick up some Sony DVD-R disk and they are working great. The disk will say on it DVD-r or DVD+R some you can tell which type you have. If your into Photo show gold I found two excellent forum to help you along. Get back to me and I will pass the address on to you Rich Cass [/align]
[align=left](P.S. Hi Ronnie)[/align]
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Thanks a ton Rich! I would love those addresses of those forums. My husband picked up some Maxell DVD-R tonight so tomorrow I will see how they work!!

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Stacie here are the address of pro show forum sites:



If I can be of any other help my e-mail is nasaapollo18@msn.com

Good luck

Rich Cass
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It might have to do with your computer system itself. What I've noticed is the processing power of the computer system and the IDE drive the CD burner is located on.

If the CD burner is located on the same IDE channel as the HD, it might cause problem with burning of larger video files. This is because IDE operates in priority mode. Thus meaning the HD and CD both share the same bandwidth. One solution to it is move the CD burner to secondary, rather than be on primary. Itmight be setup right now where both your HD and CD are on the primary IDE, where the HD is setup as Master and CD is setup as a slave. Move the CD from being a slave on the primary IDE to being a Master on the Secondary IDE.

Another solution is try to get an external burner using USB2.0 or Firewire.

The quickest solution to it is burn it as an "ISO" format file, then use NERO or some DVD burning software to burn it on the DVD afterwards. Don't do let photodex burn to the DVD directly after it finish rendering. An advantages of this is, when you have the ISO format, you could reburn it as often as you want if you need multiple copies without having to go through the whole rendering process again. This was the method I've used.

A bad burn will cause random crazy output on the DVD player. Only a smooth burn will produce good result.

Make sure you have one of the later releases with pathes as well.
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Sounds like you've used ProShow Gold a lot. I'm trying to decide if I should upgrade to the new Showbiz by Arcsoft that has pan & zoom effects or change completely to ProShow gold.

Showbizhas 2 audiotracks so you can overlap songs for fading out, etc. and also has a nice feature where you can do the following:

Say you want thesongto end right when theslideshow ends. You can actuallytrim off the song at the beginning so it ends just right (and you can do this all from the audio storytime board). Television & radio media do this all the time.They've shown that people really aren't bothered if music doesn't start at the beginning of the ad but it's more disrupting to have the song not finished at the end.

Does ProShow Gold allow you to alter the audio like this? Does it have 2 audio tracks?
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Why not trying Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder? I'm sure I used proshow in the past , but after sailing on the net, i was impressed with its features of DVD Slideshow Builder.

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Hi thanks for the good info ... proshow is an ok program just a tad frustrating at times ...

You suggest making a ISO file which I have done ...

whats the best way to make that ISOfile so that it auto runs on a dvdand played on a dvd player and tv?



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I like Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder
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