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Default Where to sell camera equipment???

Where can you go to sell equipment? I know ebay is an option but are there specific sites for camera equipment?

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Places such as KEH.com Adorama, and B&H photo purchase used equipment. In some cases, you may be able to get better price if you trade it in rather than selling outright.
Craigslist also has a photo and video section, if you want to sell locally.

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eBay is also a good option.
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eBay, Craigslist, Amazon Marketplace
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Craiglist.com is typically the easiest way to sell something. The listing is free and you can set up the conditions of sale in any manner you wish. such as cash transaction only, meet in person, etc.
Only caveat is that you may get a requests from someone who wants you to send it to their son studying in France or Europe and they'll send you the money. An obvious way to get your bank information .

I've bought and sold lenses from B&H photo.com, KEH.com and Adorama.com
They are all reputable online dealers that make it easy for you to sell to them. But, you'll typically get less. As mentioned, you may get a better deal if you trade it in towards a camera

EBay.com is also an option. But I find the cost associated with paying EBay fees, Paypal fees, shipping the item etc. often is more trouble than it's worth.

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Originally Posted by Rudd View Post
Where can you go to sell equipment? I know ebay is an option but are there specific sites for camera equipment?
To me, ebay is the safest, and you are secure on payment and problems. I sold a motorcycle on ebay, but got a lot of nut email, and people calling. It was free, but was kinda weird, I had offers of $20 a week, will you take my dog and cash....everything you can imagine, their is no controls of members like ebay.
Canon Forum has a sell category, you have to be a member for a month before you can sell, but it is also very good.
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Great, thanks for all the ideas.
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There are many places to sell. Personally I dont do Fleabay after they chapped my butt a few years ago. I had a lens listed and it was the final day of the auction. It was well past the reserve and then all of the sudden out of nowhere My auction gets yanked and my account locked. Why may you ask? Here is what they gave me..."Due to recent suspicious activity on your account it is necessary for you to provide additional information as a security measure to remain an active ebay member". I contacted them and they wanted photo copies of my Drivers license, Social Security card, Birth certificate and several other items I cant remember now. I told them that I have met the criteria outlined in their TOS and the reply was "Unfortunately we sometimes have to require additional means of identification". My response to that was Ill send it in as soon as the CEO of ebay sends me the same. Their response was that the CEO would not provide such information as it is all the information needed for identity theft. I didnt respond after that.

Craigs list is an alternative but I find you never know who you are dealing with and the risk is very high.

Most major camera sites have a B&S section for members to sell and trade their gear.
Here are a few that I frequent.




Fred Miranda and Naturescapes charges a fee to be abot to post, like $25/year but its well worth it and FM has a feedback system in place so you can see who it is you are dealing with and whether or not they are reliable.

While KEH, B&H and Adorama do buy used gear and take it as trades etc you have to keep in mind that they are out to turn a profit and you wont get anywhere near the used value of a particular item. I just poked in an excellent condition Canon 5DII and their online estimator spits out $1373 where I have seen them selling used for ~$2K. Then you also have to keep in mind that this price is not the real deal. You send it in then they tell you what they will give you for it. If you dont accept you have to pay to have it returned so you just wasted shipping two directions. Ive never done it but know someone who has. They sent in a 300 2.8L and was quoted $2500, when they got it that $2500 turned to $1800. He had them ship it back and sold it on FM for $3600 in less than 48 hours.
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What the heck are you selling? My Camera might never get back out of the shop from the looks of it, I may be in the market for another one...PM me.......Frank
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