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Thats an amazing story! Didn't convince me to throw my SD card out my second story window, but it definitely speaks to the ruggedness of flash memory.

Still can't believe it survived a 5 day float in salt water!:-)
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that is amazing! pretty soon, maybe we'll be seing SD cards in airplane black boxes
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A slight digression, but I find it a bit scarey how flimsy SD cards feel.
I used CF cards for a long time and they seem stronger. They bend less and have a bit more weight to them.

My SD cards seem to bend more and are so small. I try to take better care of them because of it, but we'll see how long that really lasts.

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Breaking is unlikely to damage them as they're so light with no moving parts, but there's always a risk :S
Memory cards in general seem to survive things very well though. I remember some photographer's camera was pulled out of the rubble of the World Trade Center several weeks after 9/11 - the camera totally mangled and broken, but with a perfectly working Compact Flash card lodged inside full of shots taken inside the building during the disaster. By contrast all the film in his other camera was completely destroyed.
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Default Damaged SD card

Just to let people know. Today I removed my SD card from my camera and it dropped on the concrete parking deck at my work. I thought it would be okay, but when I tried to read it on my computer it immediately stated that I needed to reformat my disk. I had previously shot approximately 200 photos at a car show and thought I had lost everything. I had to use a recovery program and save the recovered files. Thank God for such programs. The answer to the question "Can a disk be damaged by dropping it?", the answer is "Most definitely, YES"!
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Originally Posted by djfoto View Post
The answer to the question "Can a disk be damaged by dropping it?", the answer is "Most definitely, YES"!
It's highly unlikely that the drop caused situation you describe.
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Not healthy for some of the NEW fangled Canadian money we have now.
The new 5$cdn to 100$cdn bills are made of a plastic polymer, and they do not handle the heat of a dryer well at all.

News Story

Images of the new bills

Originally Posted by E.T View Post
Now isn't literally washing moneys with clothes normal?
I have had CF cards go through the wash and they have come out working OK.
Biggest hazard with the tiny cards for me is I tend to misplace sdhc cards and especially the microsd cards more often.

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I guess this means that Canadians can engage in money laundering as long as they skip the drying part.
I will certainly have to be careful on my next visit not to keep my wallet in my hip pocket.

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