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Strange issue, never had it before with Kodak cameras (this is my third). My new z812 IS is exhibiting an issue where pictures (and videos) are giving me an "unrecognized file format" issue.

I'm using a mac, and sync with iPhoto, and have iPhoto delete the pictures from the camera. Do you think this is the issue, or could it be related to my 2GB Kodak SD card (standard speed).

Also note, if I take a HD video over one minute in length, the "write process" hourglass hangs- the video never makes it to memory and I must open the battery door to hard stop the camera.

Also yesterday I had an issue where the number of remaining pictures went from 470 or so down to 12 (internal memory amount)...

Do I have a defective camera or card? Any recommendations on troubleshooting? These all seem pretty intermittent, difficult to replicate (except for the long videos...)

Got a vacation coming up in three weeks and don't want to lose all my pics. Input appreciated!
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1. Much the most straightforward way to get your images & video files to your computer will be using a cheap USB SD card reader, if your Mac can cope with them. I bought several that work well (but under Windows XP), for 1.0 ukpounds ($2) recently. I am sure there will be cheap Mac versions as well.

That involves no software other than the camera's file system and the computer's operating system. I and others have sometimes found Kodak's and other image transfer programs to have potential pitfalls.

2. Have you tried reformatting the card in the camera, and then trying again? If any corruption has occurred at least in future you'll know the bits & bytes are in exactly the format the camera would like.

3.Have you tried transferring these files to a friend's PC, preferably via a USB card reader? This might eliminate Mac-related difficulties, if that doesn't work either.

4. Does this occur on other cards? Everyone should have at least one spare card. I use two 0.5GB cards. instead of a 1.0GB, and I'd use 256KB ones if I could still buy them as cheaply. (My own 256Ks are in my spare pocket digicam.)This follows the cautionary tale of a fellow member round here who lost a card with hundreds of irreplaceable shots of his UK holiday on it. If you're away from home you may not be able to back up the card to a computer after any session.

There is an ever-present danger of power failure during a write-to-card, especially with huge files. I advise you to make sure you carry spare fully-charged batteries.A throwaway CR-V3 will do nicely, if you don't want to buy two rechargeables and maintain them both. If there is a failure,at least you might have a chance of changing the battery and reshooting, provided the bird hasn't flown.

Apologies if you've thought of all this already. Best of luck!


dholm94596 wrote:
...sync with iPhoto, and have iPhoto delete the pictures from the camera...
Don't do it! Delete original camera files only in the camera and only when you are 100% confident they're well backed up in more than one place first. Always write-protect the card before transferring the files. Sadly, if your Z812 is like my Z712, it won't let you switch on with a write-protected card. In my view this makes a card reader even more valuable.
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Old Dec 6, 2007, 11:59 PM   #3
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Thanks for the response Alan. Turns out #4 was the culprit. I realized there was a problem with my card when my computer couldn't write a 1 gig file to the card in under an hour...

New card worked like a charm. It is a SanDisk Ultra 2 or something (high speed) I found on sale.

Thanks again!
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Old Dec 17, 2007, 1:41 AM   #4
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Don't totally blame the card yet. I've experienced similar problems on a 4gb SDHC card (A-Data), and 1gb SD card (Kingston). I've also received messages that the card was not formatted, when in fact it was. I suspect a combination of the hardware (Z812 IS), firmware in the camera, and easyshare software).
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Old Jan 2, 2008, 9:22 PM   #5
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I have another data point for you guys. I have a Z812IS straight out of the box. Just bought it. I get the same error - Unreconized file format - on the internal memory. The camera is brand new and has never 1) been connected to any of my computers; 2) had an external memory card inserted. The first 2 or 3 internal pictures are fine, then they start displaying the error message. Also, occasionally the playback on the LCD will display a picture the first time, then have an unrecognized file format error the next (and all subsequent) times through. My initial guess was the internal memory was corrupt, but after seeing the probelms posted here, I am going to go with a firmware glitch on the recent batch of cameras. I have sent an email to tech support - I will follow up if they have any solution.
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Old Jan 8, 2008, 9:30 PM   #6
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So, here is the promised update.

First, an editorial comment. I contacted Kodak 2 ways - via telephone and via email. The email support was so bad as to be almost funny. I mentioned more than once in my original problem report that the camera was brand new and was getting this problem with the internal memory and there was no card in the camera. The reply was all about how to trouble shoot what was wrong with my memory card. I replied to that saying that there was no memory card, the problem was with the internal memory, and it was saving some pictures, but not all. The reply to that was how to properly format a memory card so that is saves pictures. I replied back commenting they really need to read the problems and not just send me scripted emails. I haven't heard a word since.

I also called them. The person on the phone was fairly helpful, although they claimed that they had never heard of this problem. They walked me through how to check my firmware version (which I had already done). It was 1.03. They suggested upgrading to 1.04. I went to the website http://www.kodak.com/global/en/servi...94/11656/11658 downloaded the upgrade, followed the instructions, and that was it. The problem seems to have disappeared. I used the upgrade via the memory card option. I believe there is another way which is covered on another thread on this board.

Long story short - I upgraded the firmware and the problem vanished. If it recurs, I will post up about it.

FWIW - I am using a Mac with 10.3 as the operating system. This problem had nothing to do with the computer, as the camera was never plugged into the computer.
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Old Jan 13, 2008, 5:45 PM   #7
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Filo...........my new out of the box 812 I got for Christmas did the same thing with the card in. Never ran the rig without a card. I reformatted the card a few times and now I'm not getting the error. Not sure whats going on, but mines been working fine for the last 10 to 12 days.

PS: never gave an error in the video mode.
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Default Unrecognizable File Format

I had the same problem with my IZ812IS Camera. When I first got the camera I was using the Duracell Power Pix batteries and I was changing them out all the time. I was getting the "unrecognizable file format" error when I would view my pics on my camera or when I would upload them to my PC. This usually happened with the last couple of pictures I took before the batteries died. I've since started using the Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. They are a little more expensive, but are well worth it. Not only do they last MUCH longer, I've noticed this error has not come up. However, the one time I did see this error, I noticed it was on the pictures I tried to "hurry up and take" before my batteries died. My suggestion? When you see the low battery indicator start flashing on your camera, don't try to sneak in ONE MORE picture. It appears that if the camera is low on battery power it affects it's ability to write to your memory card. I'm not an expert, but I have had this camera for almost two year now and I love it.

On another note, I DO NOT use the EasyShare software to upload my pictures to my PC. I take the memory card out of the camera and stick it directly into the slot on my computer. I had a lot of trouble and lost a lot of pictures trying to use the Easyshare software.

I'm not an expert, but thought this advice could help someone like myself. I have had this camera for almost two year now and I love it.
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