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When I put my card in my card reader on the computer and drag photos to the folder for that drive they show up on the card but I can not view them on my camera or external frame. Any ideas why or how to solve that problem.
Thanks, crdr122

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In general, cameras rely on the file header (the EXIF data) to determine whether the photos on the card are photos it took. If you do any post processing, the EXIF data may be altered, or even deleted entirely, so the camera doesn't recognize them, and therefore won't display them.

As to them not being displayed on an external frame, that would be another matter. Can you post an example?
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Hi TCav,

Thanks for the reply. I have a 14 Inch Digital Frame that has a card reader on it.

I know there are photos on the card because they show up on the computer but

when I put the card in the frame it doesen't recognize that there are photos on it.

Thanks, D.R.
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You may need to resize the images (smaller dimension in pixels for width and height) before it can use them. You'd need to check the manual for the frame.

A free tool you can use to resize your images is Irfanview

Look under Image>Resize/Resample for options.

What type of memory card is it (brand/type/size)?

With some formats, you may run into problems with size limitations supported, and have differences between the media that can work with devices (for example, many devices support Secure Digital cards up to 1GB in size, and have problems with 2GB cards, or larger 4GB SDHC cards).

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