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Does anyone knowany "Low level" formatting utility for SD cards please ?

My Kodak SD 256 card is corrupted -has only 14MB free space. I've tried to re-format it, but no success Also tried WinHex, I canaccess sectorsbellow and above 14MB area, but as long as Iget to 14MBit freezes.

thank you,

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Are you trying to reformat it with the camera, or your PC?

If you use your PC (and are using Windows XP), you must select "FAT" (FAT16). Otherwise, the card will be formatted using a 32-bit FAT (which renders the card unusable by most cameras). Also, once formatted to a 32 Bit FAT by accident, some cards become permanently damaged.

You may want to try Panasonic's SD Formatter. I've seen users of non-Panasonic SD media report that it solved some of the reliability problems of other manufacturer's SD. Here is the link:


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Thanks Jim,

I've tried Panasonic formatter. Also formatted as FAT in XP, but still can't read. I think it's damaged permanently.



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I have used the secure erase feature in the ImageRecall software and it has worked great for me. Never tested SD cards though. They have a free trial version, but I am not sure if this feature is enabled in this free version.

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Update with new tool

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Originally Posted by n1nj4Lo View Post
That's for formatting an SD Card when it's plugged into a computer. If you use it, you should format the card again once you plug it into your camera. In addition to formatting, the camera also creates the folder structure that it will use to store photos.
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