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Default Difference Between a UV Filter and a Sky Filter?

Can anyone tell me the difference between these filters?

From what I can find they both absorb ultra-violet rays and blue rays.

Or am I missing something?


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I think they are the same thing. In terms of the photograph you are shooting, they don't do very much. The most important thing they do is protect the front element of the camera lens. UV filters cost $15-20 while lenses can cost $100-2000!.
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UV, Haze, and Skylight filters are generally colorless or pale pink, and are serve to cut down on the effect that ultraviolet has on daytime shots. With the UV effect reduced, color landscapes and other outdoor shots done have as strong a blue cast. It also helps to reduce distortion in a picture (such as the heat waves you might see if you look at a dark road in hot weather).

The main difference between them is that the skylight has a pinkish tinge and will remove excessive blue and UV light, increasing contrast. It gives a slightly warmer appearance to color images. Haze filters will add yellow to counteract excessive blue and sharpen the image in hazy conditions, while the UV filter primarily blocks out the UV light which reduces the blue or violet cast that it can cause. Some consider the UV to almost be redundant now because most high quality lens already have a UV coating on them.
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I am looking at getting one more or less just as a lens protector.
They were both the same price and thought maybe one had some advantage over the other. Will just get the UV one.

Thanks again,

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