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Hi there. I have just recently become disabled, (translates to hard to go into a store and look for myself)and am looking to start getting into Photography as a hobby. I am looking for some opinions on good magazines for the beginner/novice area, with not a lot of technical type stuff, but more along the lines of How To articles. Most pictures will be nature type shots do to living in the country if that helps. Thanks in advance for any suggestions of good magazines. (real magazines, not E-zines please)

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Unfortunately, my experience with at least the "popular" photo magazines is that they are not worth it. I don't know of one that really offers what you want. Most like to do reviews of technology because that helps sell advertising space.

What I would suggest is if you have access to a good local library, go there. There are many good books of that nature. National Geographic put out a HUGE collection of books under the title "National Geographic photography field guide of <fill in the blank>"

Almost any book by John Shaw is also a great place to start.

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I agree with Eric, I've let almost all my magazine subscriptions lapse as I found them to all be becoming more advertorial like. No real information, just which piece of new equipment was used to make the image.

Yes the National Geo booksare good, as isthe John Shaw series,

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Old Feb 13, 2005, 5:40 PM   #4
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Your best bet is to research a topic of interest on the web.

You can always ask a photography question on this forum and probably get some pretty good answers.

In fact, you've given me the idea to ask some photography technique questions here and get some answers.
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Thanks for the advice. A trip to local library will be coming soon I think. I'm sure some advice questions will be posted here as well.

Thanks again

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Also,perhaps a friend could take you to a newstand or a book store.

Peruse the photog mags.

Find one you like then subscribe.:idea:

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Another good place to look is second hand book stores - photography books are ridiculously cheap(well, in South Africa anyway). I got a bit carried away and probably bought more then I'll ever be able to read
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Cool. Where do you live in SA. In lived in SA and then move to the usa and love photography.

I know that the prices are very expensive over there now like R 20000 for a good camera.

Take Care

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You don't say where you live.

I find the US photography and computing magazines can't say what they really think because they're afraid of annoying their advertisers.

The UK magazines are far more liberated in that respect they say what they think and some of them are really quite good. I find "Digital Camera Magazine" to be a nice balance between reviews and techniques and projects to try out.

The magazine's website is http://www.dcmag.co.uk and they will presumably send the magazines by mail to wherever in the world you live if you take out a subscription.

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