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Default The thing about wild animals . . .

. . . is that they won't appear just because you want them to.

Took a trip EARLY Tuesday to the see the Elk Herd in North-Central Pennsylvania. The three hour drive isn't so bad, but the thing is that they come out of the woods at sunrise, so I left my house at four in the morning to get there to find out that they didn't feel like coming out and posing today. I never expected this to be an issue--I've done this twice before and was never disappointed.

Didn't see any at all at the nice visitors center they have built nearby, or the various blinds and other popular spots. Finally saw one in someone's front yard a few hundred yards away, that I was able to kind of get a shot or two of before I started to get worried about stopping the car in the middle of the road with no pullovers.

benezette-53.jpg by sammykhalifa, on Flickr

benezette-34.jpg by sammykhalifa, on Flickr

There are SO many opportunities for a good drives and scenic views up there, and I had a huge number of places I wanted to visit and see and hike after the Elk possibilities petered out. So of course the rains and storms rolled in around 1 and I had to go home.

Oh well. Kind of disappointing but I could have been at work.

Here are a few random scenics from the short time I had to look around. Please do me a favor and pretend that the foreground of the shots are dominated by majestic herd animals. They'd probably be better that way, I'm sure we all agree.

benezette-65.jpg by sammykhalifa, on Flickr

benezette-10.jpg by sammykhalifa, on Flickr

multi-shot pano of one of the roadside viewing areas. It's a fantastic view, but I'm not sure the VERY widescreen nature of this pano is the best format.

benezette-1.jpg by sammykhalifa, on Flickr

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This is Pennsylvania. The big game doesn't come out of the woods at sunrise, they go back in. Especially during hunting season.
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Yeah, usually they're out for a bit in the morning and then again at dusk, at least as I'm told.

Last time I was there they were literally standing in the middle of the parking lot when I arrived, so not sure if I was really lucky then or unlucky now, or it was just a slightly different time of year.
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Beautiful capture specially the 2nd picture.

I love Pennsylvania and I hope I can be there soon to take some foliage pictures.

Thank you for sharing.

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Nice shots. Are the Poconos mountains in the background?
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I've never seen PA but it certainly is in the bucket, always has been along with all of New England.

Phooey on the wildlife for now ... your landscape views are terrific, love'em and choose all of these as 'favorites'.
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Thanks everyone. It's not that I don't like them (though the stream shot still doesn't look "right" to me for some reason colorwise) but I was hoping for a long day of shooting up there and it was cut short. Oh well, reason to go back.

I was a bit West of the Poconos James. I believe that part of the state is considered the "Allegheny Plateau" but I always just generically considered it all the foothills of the Appalachians.
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Nice set, sorry about the Elk, I know how that goes, I've been trying to get a moose up in Maine all summer to no avail.

Elk or not the scenery shots are pretty nice, I especially like #4 with the home on the ridge, very nice composition and exposure.
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Don't even talk about Moose! I go to Maine every year. And the only thing I've seen is Moose droppings along side the road! There is a lot of nice sites in PA. You took some very nice pictures.
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G'day fellas

Sounds like your elkk are a bit like our kangaroos - soon as they see you, they're off and running [or hopping in our case]

Darn hard to get close [unless they're in a zoo or somesuch] and a hide is the only way to get a half-decent shot at them

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