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Default Question about the FZ200

Hi Everyone,

For those of you that own the FZ200 - did you previously own (or currently still own) a DSLR? How does the performance compare between the two? I'm looking at selling my 9 yr old Canon 10D and purchasing the FZ200. I know high ISO performance of a DSLR has the edge but I want to know how they compare regarding shutter lag & focusing speed. Thanks!
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I'm almost qualified to answer- as I have a 10D and a Panny FZ-150- and I'm guessing the FZ-200 will have comparable speed, as the stats' back it up.
To be honest- I love my 10D- though it's high iso noise control is a bit lagging by today's standards- and as such, I limit the usage to iso 800 max- and even then only in good light where speed is necessary.
With regards speed- I have an 18-55 IS lens attached to my Canon and the AF is nigh on instant- quicker than the Panny, but the Panny is still quick- after all it can re-focus frames at a speed of 5.5 frames per second (or 12fps burst with AF on first frame)- though the AF accuracy "frame by frame" at these high speeds tends to be more accurate at the wider angle settings, as opposed to longer focal lengths where one or two frames might not be as sharp as one would like.
Shutter lag on the Panny is too small to measure- and the "shot to shot" time with the image review off is roughly 1 second- fairly swift.
Most of the above is dependant on the card you use, with a faster card having obvious benefits...
The Only area I find the Panny' a bit slow is on start up, which takes about 4 secs to fill up it's display,dependant on mode. In iA mode I can take a shot in about 3 secs if I ignore the displays..!
That said,the 10D's start up time is akin to a glacier melting also...lol...

So in essence- I don't find the Panny' lacking in speed anywhere- other than maybe start up time. Perhaps the FZ200 is quicker in this regard...?

You're right to ask the question,however, as it's a key area of DSLR's performance advantage- and I was a little nervous when I took my FZ-150 off to my beloved Snowdon race, leaving the DSLR at home- however,I needn't have worried..!
Snowdon Race 2012 with FZ-150.
And a few Bike shots...
Flying Bikes with FZ-150..!

Of course, the only real way to see if the FZ200 would be adequate would be to "try before you buy..." where possible....

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Thanks for the reply! Now I just need to locate a local store that has the FZ200 so I can test it out.
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