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Default A Håkan update

Hi everyone.
I think it's time for a little report on Håkan and his progress.

Håkan is a very proud crow, not a jackdaw. I have met several tame jackdaws, and a few ravens, but had never heard of a tame crow when Håkan became one. A google search though reveals that it's actually not uncommon at all, and on Youtube you can find a number of crow videos showing birds doing remarkably intelligent things.

Name:  IMGP0692web.jpg
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He's growing, but still very much a child in behaviour. He is always around, being very helpful with everything (NOT!).

Name:  IMGP0699web.jpg
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Actually he's pretty mischievous, doing what he can to gain some attention.

Name:  IMGP0815web.jpg
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After an exhausting day, of course there has to be some bathing.

Name:  IMGP0763web.jpg
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And a little preening, one doesn't want to have "a bad feathers day", OK?

Name:  IMGP0775web.jpg
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More to come.

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Love the pictures! He's certainly different than our crows - ours are all black. He's much prettier than ours. Though I've heard that crows in general can be very intelligent.
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The colour is different for me as well, here crows and ravens are all black with very rare bits of white. A local photographer had a tame crow many years ago, they are very intelligent animals.
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To take a plunge into crow taxonomy proved to be interesting exercise, but not as simple as I thought. Håkan is a Hooded crow, Corvus cornix. It was till recently considered a subspecies of the common European Carrion crow, Corvus corvus, which is entirely black. They have now been divided by taxonomists, even though they do hybridize.
In North America you have a number of Corvus species. The American crow, Corvus brachyrhynchos (four subspecies), seems to be the most common and widely spread, but there is also the Fish crow C. ossifragus. Both are black and very similar. In total there are around 40 different species in the Corvus genus, spread around the world.

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Fun series - thanks for posting them !

I watch Animal Planet almost incessantly and they had a program on a crow where they were measuring it's intelligence. It learnt how to escape it's cage ... and then return and lock itslef back in again ! But that wasn't the best, they put something the crow wanted into a digital safe .... the crow watched the person unlock the safe, memorised the combination and then, when the person left the room, unlocked it's cage, went to the safe and tapped in the exact combination to unlock the safe .. pretty cool stuff and a super intelligent bird.
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Judging from some of the antics of our park crows, they are indeed very intelligent - maybe a bit too smart for their own good sometimes!

Great story and great photos to illustrate it - very fine color and detail as well as great composition in each. Thanks for the update!
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