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I am not going to state whether I like your post or not. Nor am I going to give you a dissertation on imaging... With that said, "You are defiantly going in your own right direction. The eye is there. Shoot a million pictures and learn the voice that has always been there. TDT
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Fairly pretty colourful pictures that abeginner can be happy with. Everyone on this site is or has been there previously. Just keep going, reading and learningand taking photos. If you cant be bothered reading and learning, buy 6 L's , take 1000 shots. 6 or so will be not bad. Post back results.

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Nevermind... You win. Your right.I failed. I quit. There is not point in me persuing this hobby. I am no good at it.
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I agree with photosbyvito, it was a good image.

You should not listen to advice from posters who have never put up any of their own images to back up their abilities.

:blah: And this is the web, so any opinions and advice are worth the price you paid for them . :blah:


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quite the contrary jane... you are definately good at.. you been at it, what, 2 months.. i say you are ahead of the game.. you show great creativity and a good eye for a picture.. the criticisms in this forumn are there to help you along.. to prevent similar mistakes in the future and to give ideas on what to do next.. they are by no means meant to dissuade you from trying again.. in fact, its quite the opposite, it is there to motivate you to go out and give it another try.. so don't give up, never give up, you are right where you need to be.. and most importantly... HAVE FUN LEARNING!!!

the only way to learn is by practicing and by examining other ppls pictures.. see what they did, see what others said about them.. and apply the principles that sound legit to your own photos..

best regards, dustin

p.s. let me reiterate the having fun part..

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