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Default Horse Jumping!

I went to a local show & while there I snapped off half a dozen or so horse jumping pics on the way round!.
I've no idea what to look for or show in a jumping picture:shrug:, so if I do get an opportunity to do any again C&C from you qualifed horsey photographers would be most appreciated:thumbs:. Kind regards Graham.




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Come on guys!,
I know jack about this sport & really need guidence if I want to improve?.

Some of you deffo know about Horse shots I've seen em. Kind regards Graham.
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Hey Graham, I like the 5th the best of this bunch (good to see you shooting something different btw). 1 is probably the weakest of the bunch due to not being straight (you know me and straight photos) and also being a little tight.

As for knowing what is expected by the 'horse set' I'm not sure, but sure do like the last one
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Have fun everyone!

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G'day mate

Hey Graham - give us a fair go ... not all of us look at the list daily and with lots of new posts to choose from as well

Your images to me look very similar to many of mine
Like you I don't know much about the intricacies of horse eventing, but I do know what type of images I like to see

Your images are sharp, they have plenty of background to identify the event, the rider - any rider- would be happy to see any of these images in a personal photo album

Keep on shootin' mate
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Thank you for taking time to comment Guys!

Hello Mark,
long time no hear!. I actually do shoot a few more sports but I am limited due to the high level of the sports just what I can post by various governing bodies etc,(Rugby may soon join them i'm afraid),. youre right about #1 this was full frame & I couldn't straighten it lol

G'Day Phil,
What you look at more pics than sport!!.
Thank you for your input Fella, but I just know Phil,(cos i'm one of them), people don't feel they can add much to picture C&C due to lack of belief in there own images?.
I'm a competant shooter in Rugby/Soccer etc, but I hold my hands up in regards to horsey images!, ie "I'm Crap" so any morsel of info given will be greatfully received. Kind regards Graham.
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I, too, would appreciate tips from the more knowledgeable. My daughter rides and I've tried to shoot a few times. It's challenging! Winter meets are in barns: mostly dim light except for blaring light angling in through dirty windows. Summer meets are outdoors, often in harsh noon-day sun combined with swirling dust clouds. The jumps are generally far enough away to require a fairly long focal length.

I try to set up to shoot two jumps. Try to get a non-distracting background for each. Like it if they are both about the same distance so I don't have to zoom back and forth. Upwind from the dust, if applicable. I'll do a number of practise shots trying to get the timing and framing worked out.

Attached is my current fav shot of my daughter. I'd like to learn to do better. OTOH, I don't plan to spend tonnes of money either.

Attached Images
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