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Interesting topic. For me, I prefer not to do it because I find it an invasion of privacy. But at the same time I think back and I do from time to time capture people in an image. And they can be recognizable. I did so when I was in India on business because I felt it was helpful in telling the story to people back here in the States. Sometimes I asked to take the photo but not always. So maybe I'm a bit of a hypocrite. I will say though that I would never post a photo of a person that portrays them in a negative light - of course the exception being my sports photos - if someone is getting dunked on, that photo doesn't put them in a positive light. But, I think that's a bit different. People in sports know and understand this happens (despite the Nike / Lebron fiasco at his training camp) and that's just part of the game. But in the context of what most people think of when talking about 'streed photography' I guess I'm undecided about whether or not I'm OK with it if they're portrayed in a positive light. BUt I can certainly understand a privacy issue - some people HATE having their picture taken and the thought that it was a clear photo out there in cyber-space for all to see would probably make them pretty angry. All in all, I'll be interested to see how others reply.
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