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Default We all like to snap .. a few more pics from Duxford

Hi Guys!

I;ve been slowly working my way through the 600+ shots from the Airshow at IWM Duxford and spotted some photographers where you'd never expect to find them (All taken with E3 + 35-100F2):

1. Taxing.... 5 P51D's were waiting for the 7-10 Spitfires to take off and low and behold Nooky Booky's pilot is taking a snap or two too!

2. Whatever you do .. don't go into reverse!

The rest are just a few other pics from the airshow that Id like to share (these have all been PP from RAW using LR) unlike the earlier thread which were all OOC jpegs.

3. "Time to go" .... LR - PP using One of the presets in LR - old faded picture look.

4. "Courage" - LR low contrast B&W. Tweaked to how I like B&W. If you;d like to know the values used I'll pass those on.

5. "B17 - Gunner"

6. "Someones put the brake on!" Hawker Hurricane.

Colourwise.. Let me know what you think of the colour of these files, sometimes the LR colour is a wee bit out compared to the OOC Oly jpegs.



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