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Originally Posted by zig-123 View Post
you sure do know how to use that EX-25!

Shooting in RAW, again..hmmmm
I do like that little gadget. I think I'd be just as happy with the EC20 too! Still contemplating that one...

In this case yes, but I'll still be shooting plenty of JPEG capture as well. I very much preferred the in-camera JPEG's to what I could do with the RAW files in the hockey game this past week.

One of the bigger mistakes I make when shooting JPEG files is not paying enough attention to the white balance setting. As I was shooting these today, I left the white balance set to auto, and shooting in the shade, several images of flowers in various shades of purple came off the sensor looking blue because the camera did not pick the right white balance and I did not manually choose the correct (shade) setting.

Once home and the images were downloaded, it was a simple matter of choosing the right WB setting in the RAW converter and, viola, the correct color balance was achieved. With JPEG's there's always the option of manually correcting the color balance, but manually tweeking color settings with sliders is not something I have ever been comfortable doing and, having thrown out data in writing the JPEG file, I don't think the manually adjusted colors look as good as what you can obtain using a file that has not already lost information once. I know having tried it that adjusting shadows in a JPEG file are not as smooth as the same adjustment of a RAW file in the RAW converter. Shooting florals especially, having the RAW file to fall back on makes sense if you are not vigilent to make sure all the in-camera settings are right, and I often am not.

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