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As I admire lots of your BIF (birds in flight, for those who are unfamiliar) shots over the years, I also really like this one. You've done a great job (and I'm not just being "gentle").

I believe you might get some people picking up on the blown highlights (or "hot" / bright) on the Allison's left upper arm and hand, but it's not a huge deal breaker for me in this one (rarely is a big problem for me, I prefer correct exposure to underexposed but "definitely no blown highlights).

The colour and hues of her dress and the shawl she's holding are particularly pleasing imho. Also I love the use of backgrounds colour / lighting there, I think it's really effective.

A few quick comments.... maybe just subjective. I wonder if a bit of a crop off the top would be welcome. Also, her feet (lower dress) area is somewhat darker than the top part of her legs and upper body, and I feel this presents a slight imbalance. However not to detract from an otherwise great photo. I'd be pleased if I'd shot something similar (I'm not a huge studio / model photog anyway).

Well done. Cheers.

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