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Originally Posted by littlejohn View Post

Actually when i read this thread, I didn't think it was answered for the OP...thus I was asking for him. But I'm curious of the answers as well.

(I didn't notice when he last posted...)

I am new here, but I read these posts with great interest because I have a similar need...perhaps I should start a new thread?
I had SOME sports photography experience many years ago, with an Olympus OM2N. I have only owned P&S digicams, and am looking to upgrade to a DSLR for 2 reasons: 1, I abhor the shutter lag on my P&S (which is not one of the better ones, I admit--currently I have the Nikon L14)--have missed soooo many shots because of it; and 2, my daughter just made the gymnastics team so I'd like to be able to take better photos during meets. This poses the extra challenge that they are held indoors. I don't expect professional quality photos, but I'd like something that isn't soooo grainy and blurry.
I am so confused by all the issues with digital cameras--the noise, moire, etc. I understand f stop and ISO, but it doesn't seem to directly transfer to the digital realm (because of the noise issue).
I am leaning towards the Canon XSi from all the reviews but I am not really clear how it will do under my stated circumstances. I know the lens makes a difference...I liked your description of the available lenses, John (and would go with the $600 one) except for the added concern of low light. Any thoughts on that?
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