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The lenses will work just fine on Sony's current Alpha digital SLRs.

You can go to and see how much those lenses are listed for there. Minolta made two versions of the 35-70 lens; one had a constant maximum aperture of f/4.0, and the other had a maximum aperture of f/3.5 at 35mm and f/4.5 at 70mm. lists the f/4.0 lens in excellent condition with both caps and hood for $89, while the f/3.5-4.5 would probably be about half that. They also list a well worn Sigma 28-200 without caps or hood for $59.

They also list a 400si in excellent condition for $39.

If you list each of them individually for $25, you might do ok, but you may end up with one or more of them unsold. I think I might list the package for $100 and see what kind of ofers I got. I might also list the package on eBay with a low starting bid ($25.01) and let the market decide what it's worth.
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