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Default The Rules of Photography

I am trying to find a simple solution to a problem and I can't believe someone hasn't already written it. So here goes:

I am looking for a book that lists in a simple, short format, advice for shooting photos. For example,

Rule: If your model is a person and is standing, and the photo is a full length photo, then placing the camera at the height of his or her belly button will keep their body and head in proportion. Shooting from eye level downward causes the head to be larger than actual and the person's torso and legs are disproportionate.

There has got to be a million rules of thumb for photography. The problem is that I have to read 10 pages in a book to find a rule like this. Is there a source or can we start a source that just lays out those rules, (without getting side tracked with debates)!

BTW, I learned the rule above because some of my wife's photographs looked better than mine and we were shooting with the same gear. I'm 6' 3" tall, she's 5' 2". Even though we were shooting the same person, she was closer to the bellybutton than I was when we were both standing. Our subject was our daughter who is 4' 10".

So I'd appreciate you posting a simple rule or pointing me towards a source of simple rules. My dream source would be a book of 1000 rules of photography that is 100 pages long. 10 rules per page. I've got books that are about a chapter per rule. It sometimes takes forever to find the rule being taught just because there's so much verbiage.

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