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Thank you, maybe I should go with a good P&S like the S90 to replace my current P&S, and get a better lens for my Nikon N80 for telephoto/sports situations (if it exists, that is). Just everything I had read seemed to indicate that a dSLR was the only way to get rid of the shutter lag, and that was a HUGE reason for me wanting a dSLR. It wasn't the ONLY reason--I know there are many good points to the dSLR, also...but I keep coming back to, will I use it? Given that I already have an SLR (albeit film, not digital), do I really need another one?
If I could get an SLR that was reasonably compact (and therefore I was able to use it) along with the other advantages, then I definitely want the SLR. So, I need to do some testing yet.
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