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Pretty good shot, but strictly speaking, No 1 isn't a butterfly - it is one of the Skippers. Some authorities consider them a third separate group of Lepidopterans, along with the butterflies and moths, and there are a lot of them (most in the Southwest) - about half as many as there are true butterflies, and most of them look alike! Since many of them are so similar, a slight variation in pattern could throw off the ID from a photograph - it would take a specialist to do so. I would hazard a guess that is is a Florida Duskywing or one of the Cloudywings (there are three in Florida), but I wouldn't even try to guess which. If so, it is related to the Longtailed Skipper you posted a while back.

Fritillaries should be called fliterillaries - constantly flitting about. I have gotten a some good shots, but that is only because we have so many of them around (lots of passion vines for them to breed on).

As for those little flowers they are feeding on, the butterflies may like them, but I sure don't - seems I was forever picking those Spanish Needles out of my socks . . . .
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