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Default Video card for video editing

A question to those knowledgeable about video graphics card among us.

I have been looking at a couple of low end graphics cards. Now bear in mind, I am not a games player so am more interested in how they might handle video editing. Generally my integrated graphics with a quad core handles the playing back of even 1080p high definition files fine but I noticed that in Magix Movie, playback in preview seems to stutter badly with the files from my Sanyo and Aiptek unless the video files are in low resolution.

I tried to turn on the hardware acceleration but it seems I cannot do this as I need a Pixel Shader if I recall the message. I have had this same problem with even a low end disney game, Wall-E which is odd as the Intel G31/G33 integrated graphics does list a hardware pixel shader. I have found others complaining about this problem too. It makes me wonder if it has more to do with it not having a hardware Vertex support? It only supports that via software. Is that related to the Pixel Shader in any way so that if a program doesn't find it, it will display error as if there was no Pixel Shader?

Anyway, therefore I thought I'd get a reasonable low power graphics card so I didn't have to upgrade my PSU and then my UPS, as I don't want to lay out a lot at this moment in time.

I found a couple of cards that seem to fit the bill ie Geforce 210 and the ATI Radeon 4550, both low power cards which have the required hardware pixel shader support etc. as well as hardware decode of h264.

I guess my question is, will they help with this and also when they say h264 hardware decoder, does this mean any file with h264 such as the Quicktime files camcorders produce or will they only handle bluray format video files? My view is that, even though my CPU is capable of handling h264 on it's own, by offloading to a GPU, Magix video will be able to preview them without stuttering badly. In other words I am trying to justify whether it's even worth buying an external video card if it's not really going to make a difference!
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