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Default Help make my mind up

I am looking at the Dimage A1, Fuji S5000 and Fuji S7000. I am upgrading from a Fuji 3800 that I like alot. I want a new camera with manual focus, better low light autofocus and more manual settings. I really don't need the higher rez on the Dimage, but like it's autofocus options and the layout for manual focus. Of course the antishake and low light assist appeals to me as well. On the S5000 I like the price and the 10x zoom but am curious how easy/well the manual focus works. Also how well does the low light assister work for autofocus. On the S7000 I like the CF and XD dual slot, and the magnification feature for manual focus which I understand the Dimage has as well.
My main use will be point and shoot but I would like the flexibility to do more manual stuff when I get a bit more experienced. I am leaning towards the Dimage due to the low light assist, manual setting capability, manual and autofocus options and the anti shake feature. I may end up doing a bit of macro work also.
Another I was sort of considering is the Nikon 5700 but it seems to be lacking a low light assist and the manual focus seems to ba a hassle to use.

Any input is appreciated. And by all means if there is another camera I am overlooking I am looking for suggestions.

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