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Originally Posted by Hards80 View Post
the fast lens being $1800 is why we ruled out the sony. nothing to do with the camera itself which is quite nice.

the canon fast prime (100 2.0) is ~$400. that is why we ruled in the canon's. i guess if you are going to go with a 70-200 2.8 then it would negate much of the price difference between brands.

and the salesman is wrong the t1i is not less sharp than the XSi. per-pixel sharpness is probably less, as you would expect with a more densely packed sensor. but there are more pixels.

the flaw with the nikon was that you didnt like the feel of the nikons. and the lower-end nikons do not have a built in focus motor. (which may not be a flaw if you only plan to buy lenses with motors)

and 1100$ is too much for the a700. you can get the kit for 900$ at bh.
Thank you, Hards, for reminding me of everything
...I understood that I would need a 200mm for gymnastics, so that would level the playing field between Sony & Canon, price-wise (I think the others were saying I could do without the IS, in which case I could get a less expensive lens for the Canon, but I'm thinking it would be helpful to me).
As for the sharpness of the T1i, the salesman wasn't the only one saying that. I know we covered this before, because there is the in-camera processing to consider, but it keeps popping up in reviews. Not that it is BAD, but just not as good as the xsi. Seems that going with more pixels but keeping the sensor the same size, certainly didn't improve anything, and actually seemed to degrade it a bit. I don't know, perhaps you are right; I'm just hearing it enough to catch my attention.
I forgot about the focus motor thing on the D5000--I am vaguely recalling that the lenses WITH the focus motor brings the price up, so not such a good deal on that camera then.
And thanks for the tip on the price.

I'll be back after I try out the Sony
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