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Originally Posted by odioapeterpan View Post
Please i need help.
first of all, apologies for my english, itīs not tto well.
Today has recieved my f200hd. The cam works perfectly, but i have problems when i try to watch the films in the pc. Itīs watched with a lot of delay and i donīt know why, because i have a vado hd 720 and i have no problems.
Please anyone helps?
I run a hp 1070N (look up specs) it's a 2.5 ghz. All HD 1080P cams will now need 3.0ghz minimum you'll be able to run the quicktime and video to view . It is Normal to have a delay, and stutter, a few things I do.

A) I convert to WMV all runs smoother.
B) Shoot in a lower resolution,
C) find a different or capatable player .

hope that helped out
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