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Originally Posted by TCav View Post
I was quoting prices from

All indications are that the A700 is discontinued. The Sony Japan website has listed the A700 as out of production for several months already. Sony Reps at the Photo Plus Expo confirmed that the A700 was out of production.

Sony fixes prices, such that any retialer that advertises prices that are lower than SonyStyle's own prices would violate an agreement they singed and could lose their permission to sell Sony products. The fact that B&H lists the A700 for $850 while lists it for $900 might be an indication that Sony is allowing retailers to sell off their existing stock.
i hope that they plan to continue with the a700 line. and not let it be replaced by the a500/a550. while good cameras in their own rights from what i have seen. they don't have the great viewfinder and tougher build of the a700, as well as many other useful features. and going from a550 to a850 would be a huge gap. hopefully we will hear something about a a750 or whatever soon!
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