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Originally Posted by GSFinlay View Post
I love the photo.

But, I’d rethink tramping the weeds. I would not alter the landscape to get a photo – whether is it weeds, rocks, flowers or something more precious. You could easily move the camera to get rid of unwanted items. Once one starts rearranging mother nature, one tempts being destructive.

This is, to me, a bit of a simplistic view. Have you ever shot in the woods? Do you always stay on the path? While on the path do you carefully watch where you put your feet because with each step you are altering something. I wouldnt go so far as to chop a tree down to get a picture, but removing a weed or moving a branch is not a problem -- for me, or Mother Nature. When I look in the viewfinder thats where I compose the image, and not with Photoshop, despite the rumors. So paying attention to details and moving something to get a pleasing image, which will last far longer than the vegetation underfood, gets my vote. That said, common sense prevails.
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