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You guys make some interesting points, but also some very strange.

I absolutely can't see how you can reason that one will be obsolete with a new model release, but that the other won't.

Obsolete or not, who cares.
Your camera will still work and do what you bought it to do.

The right camera choice here is really dependant on what you want to do with it.

I donít own a 5700, but do have a friend who owns a 5000. Though, the 5700 will share some of itís shortcomings. One of the strangest to me being that the minimum aperture is just not small enough to do slow shutter work.
If the shutter lag is the same as the 5000, you can pretty much forget about shooting sport, unless that is, timing doesnít count.

Finally, because the CCD is so physically small on point and shoot cameraís, youíre depth of field pretty much looks like you only have the one aperture settings (permanently in F22 compared to the much more controllable DOF of the larger CCD DSLRís).

Owning a 6 megapixel D100 hasnít made my D1H useless. Itís still my primary camera and produces faultless images at A4, and perfectly acceptable A3ís.

Iím looking forward to a full frame DSLR, but when it comes out Iíll be glad I also own one with a 1.5 times mag factor. Why, check out the price of second hand 300mm F2.8. My Nikkor 300mm F4 is effectively a 450mm F4.
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