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Default Sorry, there is no free lunch


this stuff about free tele on the dSLRs is nonsense. If that is you belief, just crop your fil miages and voila ... a 50mm lens is a zoom tele.

Similarly, there is simply no way a low pixel count (6mp is very low) can rival film.

Lin's remearkeable experiences arfe real ... but they reflct his way of working. If he were to digitalize every frame it would get very $$$ and the time lag before getting to see the image would still be there ...BUT the digital version of a picture made with a full frame SLR will be technically superior to the digital frame taken from a small area of the frame.

Of course one COULD believe in a free lunch! And there is one. Digital has other advantages over film.

1.Obviously digital is a hell of a lot ore cponvenient and the convenience translates into creativity.

2. If you are comaprinmg digital to transparency, transparnce film has a veru short response curve, with proper lectronics there may be no theoretical limit to the ability of a chip to deal with extremes of bright and dark.

This may even give digital a quality edge ... e.g it seem to me that my 5700 is better than film in discriminating betweeh high zones.
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