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So I've been looking at the Canons, Sonys and Pentaxes. There is, to be sure, something inexplicably sexy about that A700 - its advertizing photos make it look like quite the mature machine. Moreover, I recently picked up a really cheap Minolta Maxxum SLR kit on craig's list. That kit came with the standard 28-80 zoom but also with the 50mm/3.5 macro which is supposed to be quite good. These lenses are compatible with the sony, are they not?

...besides that, though, the Pentaxes have been monopolizing my attention. The new Kx seems to be the logical continuation of my K100D and it actually seems better than the sony, iq-wise. Also, Amazon has the Pentax 16-45 DA lens being sold at quite a reasonable price - that would probably make a nice combo with the Kx.

The Canon Xt1 has the megapixels... but, for some reason, there is nothing really drawing me in that direction.

Really, if I was being true to my principles, I'd just get the discounted Km with the aforementioned lens: killer value, I'm sure... but there are so many attractive choices. Do prices tend to drop even more towards Christmas?

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