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No, offense intended at all. However, the Best shot feature was unique to Nikon point and shoot cameras about 4 years ago. Neither of the cameras he recommended are Nikon brand point and shoot camera. What are we to believe? Who knows? That sounds pretty murky, honestly. I guess it suffices to say that salesmen have strange and unfathomable motivations

His secondary statement that this so called "rapid fire" feature, "...would help me to catch action shots with multi-subjects (pets, children) with better focus and picture quality..." you see, I am making a direct quote from your most recent post.

Now let's be honest and even analytical here. His secondary statement is not true, at the very best, it might be only at best, by giving him the greatest leeway possible, only partially true.

Please don't let some guy whose only thought is the hot date he has for Saturday night and the commission he earn to pay for that hot date, tell you totally false statements that are patently not true.

We have to keep track of fact and reality, and this guy's statements just don't hold water.

Sarah Joyce
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