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I have the Panasonic FZ28 and like it. It has great zoom range (27 - 486mm) and has a decent burst mode (3 or 4 shots in just over a second). It is also better at higher ISO level than most of its superzoom rivals. I have taken it baseball, football, and basketball es. It was not bad. However, it is nowhere as good, image quality wise, in low light as a DSLR and it can't track moving objects as fast as a DSLR. The successor to this camera is the FZ35, which has 12 megapixel images, not 10. It has reportedly a very short shutter lag. However, the burst mode is slightly slower than the FZ28 (from what I have read).

If I could spend between $500 and $1,000, I would strongly consider the Pentax K-X and an 18-250 telephoto zoom lens or (cheaper) a Fuji S200EXR. The former would give you better image quality in low light. The latter would save you money and relieve you of having to change lenses.

I also recently got the Casio FH-20. It has an absolutely great burst mode, up to 40 shots per second, but it is not especially good in low light and it goes through batteries pretty fast. Image quality at ISO 100 and 200 is pretty good, though.

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