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The cameras that the salesmen mentioned to you are decent cameras. I played around with the Sony in a camera shop about 3 weeks ago. It does have a sweep panorama function like the one on the superzoom HX1 which instantly stitches together images into a panorama with a single press of the shutter. It has a back lit sensor which is supposed to give it better performance in low light. The Casio he mentioned is similar in many features to the FH-20 I have. Very, very fast burst mode. The downfall of both these cameras in the eyes of many reviewers and some owners is image quality. It is supposed to be ok, not great. The Casio is said to be good at ISO 100 and 200, but not that great at higher settings. I have this experience with the FH-20. I don't mind. But if you are a stickler to top notch image quality, you may be disappointed. If you still want to check the Casio out, take an SD card with you to the camera store and ask the salesmen if you can take some sample shots to test the image quality. I think the Sony uses just Sony's propietary memory sticks, so unless you have one, you may not have this chance.
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