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Originally Posted by JohnG View Post

In photography it's still all about the results. You're taking posed shots and they're blurred. If you don't want to use flash - fine, use a better tool for the job. A DSLR with ISO 6400 and 1.4 lens gets you 4 stops advantage over these shots. Instead of 1/3 shutter you'd have 1/50 - significantly less blurring.

The tools exist to do a better job at what you're doing. But right now it's akin to someone taking a 50mm lens and shooting birds in flight at 200 yards away and saying they just don't want to use a longer lens and 50mm bird in flight shots are just niche photography. No, it's not - it's using the wrong tool for the job resulting in a poor photo. Just like these shots. If a posed shot has this much motion blur it's just a bad shot. And given that you have the budget to buy $5000 DSLRs using the wrong tool for the job shouldn't be an excuse.
A dSLR is a very intrusive camera, and would defeat the aims of my photography, which is to capture the spontanious.

I completely understand your point of view, and even though I disagree, I am not denigrating it. John - I Like the blur...

I just have to learn how to use it better. I'm learning how to pan for some shots, allow things to be blured for others. It's what I see at night.

Daylight shooting is a completely different matter.

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