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Originally Posted by Calicajun View Post
Chato, I do agree with one statement you made being "Nan Goldin is one hell of an overhyped photographer". Looked at her work and didn't care for what she prints. Then not everybody likes everything done by every professional photographers. Which is why there are so many photographers in the world of art.
Do have one question; what type of camera does Nan Goldin use when shooting street photography?
I didn't make that statement, Bynx did. He also made the outrageous claim that the only reason she is known is because she has friends in high places. Absolute BS, and slander.

Here is a excerpt from an interview which I completely agree with.

Some of your pictures are blurred. You did it on purpose?

Actually, I take blurred pictures, because I take pictures no matter what the light is. If I want to take a picture, I do not care if there is light or no light. If I want to take a picture, I take it no matter what. Sometimes I use very low shutter speed and they come out blurred, but it was never an intention like David Armstrong started to do what we call, he and I, "Fuzzy-wuzzy landscapes." He looked at the back of my pictures and studied them. He started to take pictures like them without people in them. They are just out of focus landscapes. He actually did it, intentionally threw the camera out of focus. I have never done it in my life. I take pictures like in here when there is no sun or light that I think all my pictures are going to be out of focus. Even Valerie and Bruno and whatever I take, because there is not enough light, and so I use a very low shutter speed. It used to be because I was drunk, but now I am not. The drugs influenced all my life. Both good and bad. I heard about an artist in Poland, Witkacy, who wrote down on his paintings all the drugs he was on. Depending how many drugs he took, that is how much he charged for the portrait. I saw his portrait at the National Museum, a kind of German expressionism, and I loved it.
As for what camera she uses, beats me...

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