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Let's be pratical here. You can not wash a Microdrive and it will never be as reliable as a flash card, but for all intend and purpose, they are not your regular diskdrives either. In fact their manufacturers have carefully designed theses devices fully aware that they'll be used in portable application like PDA and MP3s where drops and bumps are daily occurences.

FYI their operating shock is only 175-200G, but then if you drop while they're running you are more likely to damage the camera. Outside the camera the Microdrives are also rated @ 2,000Gs for the newer 4G!

Also, just because you don't see errors in solid-state flashes do not mean they are not there. Flashes have fixed write cycles and there's always constant error detection/error correction as well as wear leveling algorithms running in the background of theses devices masking away theses imperfections... :P

... Bottom line is to use either format for whatever applications they are best fit for, but don't exclude one from the other. I have both! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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