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Originally Posted by rdmiller View Post
The Zi6 does frame-by-frame advance just by holding the jog button to the right. It advances at a nice, steady pace... the same way the Flip does, and RCA hybrids and others. Only the Zi8 jumps ahead quickly.

VWestLife... even 3-4 frames per second is far too fast to analyze sports motion with detail.

So back to my questions. Is there someone in this forum who has a ZX1 and a remote, and can test frame-by-frame playback? I believe the ZX1 camera itself works the same as the Zi6, but I'm not sure if this kind of playback is available through the remote. Is there a better place for me to post this question?
what the zi8 does and it is not Kodaks fault or our misadvices to you, is that when HOLDING the advance button it starts auto-selecting from frame-by frame to then 1x/2x/4x/8x/16x which is very handy because when you hold the stick sideways longer the cam decides that you apparantly want to advance through the movie alot and if it would stay at frame-by-frame speed that would take ages in longer movies

when I advised you I didn't know you wanted to HOLD the joystick and still let the cam play frame-by-frame. It does however skip one frame at the time when you click/release/click/release the joystick like FishyComics showed you in his video on youtube.

I think you're having a very precise demand on a videocamera for your Golf business and since these are cheap consumer cameras aimed at the youtube market they don't offer all the options that more expensive cameras have so unfortunately you had to find it out AFTER buying the zi8 EVEN after our advices. I can't help you with the ZX1 because I don't own one.
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