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Something very interesting, I thought I share with ya, as I am making a review, I was interrupted, and I started again, a few more tries.

I watched the review, and said well let me start fresh, and format again the sdhc card, the 16 gb one

A 16gb sdhc takes 9 secs to start up the Kodak zi8.
A 16gb sdhc takes 4 secs to start up the kodak zi8

I had noticed for awhile that i used my cam without paying attention of a test i ran, the zapp recharge it all. I then found out the cam took a lot longer to turn on. I tried a few cards. 2.5-4 secs.

I formatted in the pc, the cam, the pc , etc, etc a number of times.

I just formatted in the Kodak, and as i ran the test, the cam turned up @ 4.0 secs WOW!

So my idea of higher capacity card goes out the door LOL

Info on the card some where was currupted, not correctly coming on etc.
so my recommendation to all.

best to keep formatting the sd cards, the problem will get fixed.

Now that I ordered some 8 gb's I have nothing more to wory bout.
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