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Battery test Kodak zi8 orginal Green battery

Hd1080P Face detect OFF, Stab OFF Mic midle, and Brightness Lowest Dark Sun

Run time Final result 1 hour 22 minutes 52 seconds

When depletion occurres Files are saved without any warning, not a Icon .

When battery is low there are no warnings not even a Icon of battery levels during a session, only when again at the first 5 secs, or stand by

What are the best settings for the longest battery usage
  • face detect off
  • Stabilization off
  • Brightness turned to minimum (lowest setting)
  • Fully charged battery resting a minimum of 5 minutes between charges or longer.
How can I optimize, or extend my battery life?
Aftermarket products with correct ratings, if it is a spare battery or batterries, external power sources, ac, dc sources

The Kodak Zi8 with all the controls and features used will have the shortest battery time of 50 plus minutes

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