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Default finally!

was brave enough to up FW to 1.06, zoom in darkening seem a little worst than fw1.01 but at least
I have "remaining time" working fine now...previousely, "remaining time" will show up once and not again until power up

I also notice that 720/60, 720/30 & WVGA has a much wider view than 1080. Low light sensitivity has not change.

I tried to order Sunpack wide angle & tele lens kit (with adapter rings) from amazon but they sold out!

Batt Depot near by has aftermarket np-50 (1100 mah) for about $11. Kodak aftermarket replacement
is about $!0 but only 800 mah. both are listed as interchangeable.

My original battery is jap cell assembled in china, equal or less than 1000 mah, minimum at 950 mah.

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