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Default First of My Twice Annual Swans

After Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, I headed to a pond east of Heber Springs, Arkansas, where my mother lives, to see if the flock of trumpeter swans that winters on the pond had begun to arrive. Because fall has been unseasonably warm, I was afraid the birds might be a little late to arrive, and that, unfortunately, was the case. Only five of the 140 or so birds that winter on the pond had made the flight to Arkansas. These guys were quite happy to cooperate for close-ups, since their main concern was begging corn I didn't have.

Unfortunately, they had no interest in demonstrating flight, which was what I was hoping to shoot.

So, I contented myself with shooting a few swimming pics, then turned my attention to some ring-necked ducks that always accompany the swans.

At the periphery of the ring-necks was a solitary bufflehead. I'm always pleased when there is adequate sun to get the true color on these guys since they usually just look black and white.

I'll be back up there Christmas when I hope to get more good pics of the swans.

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