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Thanks to all for all the great comments!

Kjell & Harriet - I guess we could fill our birdfeeder with 'possum (a small flat marsupial often seen sleeping along Tennessee roadsides!) Harriet - glad you liked the Mockingbird!

Mtnman - thanks for the input!

Les - We have 100's of Black Vultures that roost near our park marina. Come see them "up close & personall" - just don't get too close, they do like to throw up at what disturbs them!

Paul - thanks for the detailed feedback on the Mocker photos - did not know it's your state bird too! We haven't seen any juncos here at lower elevations yet, but they are year-round residents up in the mts.

Lou - You may have hurt the vultures' feelings... Thanks for the input on the Mockingbirds - and glad you liked seeing him!

Biro - Thanks! These were all taken with Pentax K-M, and the Pentax 135-600 F6.7 manual lens. I am back from lots of family hikes, but not lots of photos - having too much fun enjoying the family...

Penolta - I had not noticed that - thanks for the fascinating information. Will have to check out our Vultures for the tell-tale spots. Is this true for both Black & Turkey vultures?
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