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Originally Posted by markr041 View Post
Windows 7 has a much improved ability to work with HD files.

1. The included Windows Media Player plays almost everything, and especially h264 files that are the basic HD files in all HD cameras - whether in mov or avi or mp4 or avchd wrappers. And, the player will use hardware decoding if there is an appropriate gpu. No need for vlcplayer or media player classic, as in old operating systems like XP.

2. In thumbnailview you can see the first frame of HD videos without any add-ons; very handy for figuring out what you shot.

So, watch out for advice about software: it is now heavily depedent on what operating system version you have.

Time to upgrade?
Yes we all are not upgraded LOL.. andsoon I hope to be

Xp user here and till then Ho Ho Ho
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Light on the Object video made. No light No Video
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