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Originally Posted by John.Pattullo View Post
damn what kind of shutter speeds/apertures were you using? i've been struggling to get really sharp shots with my 150-500mm even with shake from pushing the shutter release when on a tripod and your results are similar to mine handheld and with a teleconverter!!!!
Thanks guys. John the EXIF data is still attached to these. If you do not have an EXIF reader, go here to get the one I use and prefer.....

Until then here are the settings....
#1. 1/180 f/8 ISO 400 -1 EV

#2. 1/350 f/6.7 ISO 400 -0.5 EV

#3. 1/350 f/6.7 ISO 560 -0.5 EV

#4. 1/750 f/8 ISO 400 -1 EV

#5. 1/500 f/8 ISO 400 -1 EV

#6. 1/500 f/6.7 ISO 400 0 EV

#7. 1/125 f/9.5 ISO 400 0 EV

#8. 1/250 f/6.7 ISO 400 0 EV

I used Auto Aperture and spot metering and spot focus. Since I am not using a tripod I can leave the image stabilization on. If you are using a tripod be sure to turn it off as Pentax recommends. I like to use a higher ISO as the shutter speeds will be higher and the shake induced my me will be less (1/125 as a baseline starting point anyway). Also I normally shoot at -0.5 to -1 EV as the contrast is better there. Also I set the menu settings for the camera this way when shooting Jpeg (I almost always shoot Jpeg)....

Saturation -1
Sharpening +2
Contrast +1

Hope this answers your question.
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