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Walter S,... If you're looking for low cost SD Memory Cards,.... watch out for those being sold from China. While they look ""Very similar to Brand name SD chips", they are poor imitations. Because they are so "Cheap" I went ahead to purchased some from 3 different vendors. However, I made sure they were at least rated for "Class 6". With my FZ35 I'm already shooting a lot of HD video which is GREAT. So far I have received a 16GB SD card which was DOA. It would not be seen by the FZ35,(which kept telling me to Re-insert the card), and it would not work in 5 different Canon Cameras, nor work in two HP laptops, nor it would not work in a USB reader. I could not see any defect in the contact. The Vendor is taking it back and I'm getting a full refund. The 2nd unit I bought was a 32 GB SD card and so far it has work in the FZ35 and on my PC, without any errors. I still have to try in on HD Video and other cameras. I'll let you know. I normally get all my SD cards from "TigerDirect" here in the US, as many times they have great sales from GOOD vendors. By the way it took over 2 weeks to get the little package from Hong Kong.

Also, I think you pictures, along with Donalduc, were the deciding point for me to purchase the FZ35. So far I'm very happy with the performance.
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