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i think ive heard about this subject before...

really, only a couple of things to do

1. extra 300 dollars for the nikon +lens. thats a lot of money for me. with taht 300 dollars (if u bought the DR) u could buy a prime fast lens, and a telephoto (i bought a 80-200 USM used for 75 and the 50mm prime for 75), and if you shop aroudn even another lens or a bag, basically everything you need. I got EVERYTHING i need for my DR (and more) for about 1500 bucks. (i take that back, i dont have a flash (which i dont really miss)

2. who knows when the nikon will be released. you have to wait.

3. If you have the money and the time doesnt bother you (which might very well be your case) then you will really have to wait until a unbiased review comes out comparimg the 2. then, we'll know a bit better which is the better choice. assuming the money isnt a big issue.
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