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I have spent about a week creating a Flash Tutorial for the Canon S-5. I must say that after using that camera again that I cannot help but be impressed by it. Without a doubt it is most probably one of the very best ultra-zooms (12X Optical zoom) in the market. It is due to be replaced sometime in the next 30 days, so its price has comparatively fallen to around the $(US) 310.00 level. And, though it may not be important to everyone, the Canon S-5 also has a nice hotshoe for an external flash.

That may indeed be a bit less zoom than you might desire, but the IQ is amazingly good, and that is a very important benchmark for me. To complete the tutorial, I have been using our Canon XT (350D model), the Canon G-7 and the Canon S-5, and I must say that the IQ on the S-5 is amazing. Here is a photo sample. It is a photo of my husband Bradley.

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