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Let’s started out unsure of whether you wanted a superzoom or a DSLR. Your original budget was $500. Now you’re up to $700, and what will you have? An entry level DSLR with two kit lenses. You mentioned weight being an issue...what are you considering here? The camera body alone weighs 475g (16.75oz), the 18-55mm (f/3.5-5.6) weighs 200g (17.1oz), the 55-250mm (f/4-5.6) weighs 390g (13.75oz), and the battery weighs 50g (1.75oz)...that’s a total of 1115g (39.3oz) - 2 lbs - and no video. You’ll still have to haul your camcorder along as well.

As an alternative, you can buy a high end superzoom for $500 or less. Let’s look at one already named in this thread, the SX-20. You can buy one for $369. It has a 28-526mm focal range (f/2.8-5.7) lens, it weighs 600g (21.2oz), and it has HD video, so you can leave your camcorder home...and you won’t have to change lenses...and you won’t have to worry about cleaning sensors and mirrors...and spending a lot of time a lot with pp...and being denied access to events where DSLR’s are forbidden...

Do you have to have a DSLR or a superzoom? How about a G11?

Just a thought...or two...

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